04 Apr 2021
v1.5 repacked for MacOSX due to occasional crashes on some environments (Windows bundle installer to be repacked in 1 day)
29 Mar 2021
New major version of MIDI Lab (v1.5) has been released
10 Jan 2021
An iOS version of MIDI Lab is in beta testing!
29 Aug 2020
MIDI Lab updated to v1.4.5
21 Apr 2020
MIDI Lab updated to v1.4.4
09 Mar 2020
MIDI Lab updated to v1.4.3
10 Feb 2020
MIDI Lab updated to v1.4.2
06 Feb 2020
We have just released quite a big update to the MIDI Lab, with several fixes and improvements (v1.4.1).
06 Jan 2020
MIDI Lab updated to v1.4 - VST3/AU versions have been added!
31 Dec 2019
MIDI Lab updated (v1.3.2).
21 Dec 2019
MIDI Lab updated (v1.3.1).
16 Dec 2019
MIDI Lab updated (v1.3).
10 Dec 2019
MIDI Lab updated to v1.2 and its demo version has been released.
25 Nov 2019
Big improvements to MIDI Lab! Check out the new v1.1.
9 May 2019
MIDI Lab has been updated.
15 Apr 2019
Virtual PC Oscilloscope 'Oscope' is available now!
1 Apr 2019
MIDI Lab for Windows and MacOS released!
18 Dec 2018
MIDI Patchbay Extended has been updated to v1.5.2.
25 Oct 2018
The MIDI Patchbay Extended has been updated to v1.5 with faster online activation process.
05 Aug 2017
The MIDI Patchbay Extended has been updated to v1.4 with SysEx (System Exclusive) messages support added.
27 Mar 2017
We updated all our MIDI apps. Check that out!
22 Feb 2017
MIDI Patchbay (both Standard and Extended version) updated.
26 Feb 2013
ViBox and Dynamic Surround Panner work in progress.
17 Dec 2012
We have finally start developing MIDI Monitor, MIDI Processor, MIDI Transmitter, Fingerboard and Vidi for both Android and iOS!
21 Nov 2012
Today we have started working on the ViBox, containing Jukebox and Waiter modules (more details soon).
16 Oct 2012
We have successfully rewritten our initial version of surround panner using JUCE framework.
28 Sep 2012
Simultaneously to our coming soon surround effect, our GUI specialists are currently working on some brand new and innovative interface for our software. One of the ideas it to make it 3D...
21 Sep 2012
We have started some experiments on our next project - Dynamic Surround Panner. More information soon!
19 Sep 2012
MIDI Processor standalone version has been finished and is now included in the installer.
02 Aug 2012
MIDI Patchbay Extended has been released today. It is an expanded version of our free MIDI Patchbay software. You can buy it from our online store.
11 Jul 2012
Two applications have been released. You can download a full version of MIDI Patchbay free of charge and demo version of MIDI Processor (full version is available at our online store). Manuals are in download section as well.
4 Apr 2012
We are currently working on a few projects. More details coming soon!
1 Mar 2012
Our web page is now available!